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How Much Longer Can Valuations Stretch?

International equity markets are having a great 2017 with many indices gaining +20% YTD. Some markets are absolutely on fire; EM Asia is up +39%, BRIC up +37% and broad EM up +32%. While this strong performance is certainly encouraging, our international equity team is a bit confused by the market’s reactions to various geopolitical events around the world. Whether it be the ongoing natural disasters or the ever-increasing political risk, the markets seem unconcerned…which is a bit concerning to us.

Consider, for example, this small sample of event risk that showed up during Q3:

Posted by Richard Pell on Nov 15, 2017 11:13:45 PM

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RIAs Make the Case for International Equity (We Agree)

We spent some time exploring what the rest of the online world says about the International markets, and we came across not one, but two articles written by RIAs whose favorable outlook on international equity was in line with what we’ve been saying recently as well. Here is a snippet of their observations:

Posted by RSQ Team on Sep 14, 2017 10:33:08 PM

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Thinking About International Equity? 2 Reasons It’s Time

Are you underweight in international equity? You may want to rethink your allocations—sooner rather than later. Our international equity firm believes stocks outside the U.S. are very attractive relative to U.S. stocks right now for two primary reasons:

Posted by Richard Pell on Aug 16, 2017 9:07:29 PM

Topics: From the Desk of Richard Pell, Commentary

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Market Insights on Chinese Railway Contractors

We recently posted about a tailwind in Japanese megabanks and this week we focus on another tailwind the team at R Squared Capital Management (former team at Julius Baer / Artio Global) has identified, Chinese Railway Contractors. As international equity investors, R Squared utilizes fundamental and macro analysis to identify structural tailwinds and headwinds at the geographic, sector and company levels. The Chinese government is prioritizing railway investment, and we think Chinese Railway Contractors should benefit from this tailwind.

Posted by RSQ Team on Dec 8, 2016 8:44:37 AM

Topics: Chinese Railway Contractors, Commentary, From the Desk of RSQ Team

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