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Net Neutrality Repeal: What it Means for Investors

In December 2017, the FCC voted to remove rules that regulated the companies that connect users to the internet. These Network Neutrality rules forced internet providers to treat all internet traffic equally. Whether video, email, instant message or website, a carrier would have to transport all bits (a bit is the smallest unit of information) the same.

Without regulation, it is possible for an Internet Services Provider (ISP - generally your cable or phone company) to block some services, degrade other services, or force services to pay for access. Imagine if your cable bill priced internet access to Facebook separate from access to Netflix. Imagine if the Fox News website wouldn’t load but the New York Times website did. Imagine if, to launch a new website, you had to negotiate a separate agreement with the ISP in each geography you wanted to serve. It isn’t likely that ISPs would do something so obvious or controversial, but they now have the power to do so.

Posted by Harry Polishook on Jan 10, 2018 10:49:37 AM

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International Equity Trend to Watch: Augmented Reality

We have long invested in the smartphone supply chain, but the pace of technological change has slowed in the last couple years. Where we once saw a fascinating evolution from the “brick phone” to the iPhone, we now observe a relatively dull progression of slightly improved devices.

Posted by Harry Polishook on Nov 29, 2017 7:48:00 AM

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Brazil Consumer Stocks on the Rise

It wasn’t very long ago—the last quarter of 2016—that we were reading reports that Brazil’s worst-ever recession had intensified its downward spiral. In March of this year, Reuters wrote about dismal numbers crushing the hopes of those searching for signs of a recovery in the country.

Posted by Harry Polishook on Oct 27, 2017 1:36:13 PM

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Making News Again

Bitcoin has been a controversial topic among investors and financial professionals for quite a while. However, recently, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, made his stance very clear. Dimon said that if he found out a JPMorgan trader began trading in bitcoin, he would “fire them in a second.” Why? “It’s against our rules, and they’re stupid.” He also suggested that central banks view bitcoin as a novelty. 

Posted by Harry Polishook on Sep 21, 2017 2:15:33 PM

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Using Small Satellites to Estimate Chinese Oil Inventories

Back in May, the R Squared team launched a blog series about satellite technology and its impact on the investing world. If you missed Part I or Part II, you can read those blogs here:



For Part III, we’re going to take a look at more ways the small satellite (smallsat) industry could change how investors allocate funds. 

Recently, the AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites took place in Logan, Utah. Attendance this year was around 2,550 participants—up from 900 in 2007. One of the conference presenters was Ursa Space Systems, a company that “delivers global economic insights to energy and financial enterprises, providing a reliable information source about areas of the world that are traditionally opaque.” More specifically, Ursa is able to offer estimates of oil inventories in China. 

Posted by Harry Polishook on Aug 23, 2017 11:06:27 AM

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How Miniature Satellites Could Be the Future of Global Imagery

Last month, we launched a blog series about satellites, a topic our international equity investors find to be fascinating. This week, Bloomberg also posted an article on satellites. To read the Bloomberg article, click here. 

Various technological advances have decreased the growth prospects of satellite operating companies, but the R Squared team still feels there are certain situations, advances, and innovations that we want to keep our eyes on. Our first blog talked about how recycled satellite boosters could kick-start growth prospects—this second blog will take a look at a very basic type of satellite and how its purpose has evolved through the years.

We present, for your amusement, the CubeSat:

Posted by Harry Polishook on Jun 27, 2017 4:12:11 PM

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Mexican Stock Market Makes Stunning Q1 Performance

On the campaign trail, President Trump shared big plans for immigration control. Possibly the most controversial and well-publicized promise was to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico—and he was going to get Mexico to pay for it.

Posted by Harry Polishook on May 18, 2017 5:11:55 PM

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Recycled Satellite Boosters Could Kick-start Growth Prospects

We have watched the satellite operating companies for quite a few years now. At this point, near ubiquitous cellular data, high speed internet, and increasingly efficient data compression have dimmed their growth prospects—but there are still interesting aspects to keep an eye on. Our international equity investors will be covering those over a series of upcoming blog posts.

Posted by Harry Polishook on May 10, 2017 4:25:45 PM

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Bitcoin: 4 Observations from International Equity Investors

Since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, this revolutionary form of digital currency, or cryptocurrency, has caused the financial sector to sit up and take notice. Recently, while brainstorming blog topics, the RSQ team launched into a deep discussion about Bitcoin, sharing our thoughts on the currency and where we see it heading.

Posted by Harry Polishook on Mar 9, 2017 12:54:25 PM

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FX Volatility: Sit back, relax & enjoy the ride - it's going to get bumpy

The new U.S. President’s policies will likely be the most difficult to predict of any modern politician. We already have major uncertainty surrounding policy details, timing and implementation; add to this the uncertainty of the market’s reactions to these policies, and the conditions for heightened volatility exists. At the time of this writing, President Trump has already made comments that have sent both the broader markets and individual sectors in both directions. It appears that political risk has been amped up.

Posted by Harry Polishook on Feb 22, 2017 4:21:45 PM

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